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Infomation: Code Lyoko games are so much fun that we are more than excited to bring yet another one here on our site, we are pretty much sure that you will have a wonderful time here with your best friends and we are very glad that you visit our site often because it would be a shame for you to miss all this fun. So come and try out this wonderful new game with the Code Lyoko characters, actually with Yumi, she is the one with the mission to go in the Lyoko world and help stop X.A.N.A and her evil plans, she is just crazy and she has to be stoped. She made a major problem in the characters school, some of them remained to help the kids, but Yumi and another boy have to stop X.A.N.A and also find Aelita to help them shut the evil plans down.
How to play: Use the ARROW KEYS to move and jump, Z to hit and X to throw fan.
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